31 August 2016

Eight & Nine...What Will Be The Tenth?

These are the photos that have been shown this week. The wood pigeon (kereru) was on TV One Breakfast - I never saw it but some friends sent me a text telling me it had been on.
The photo taken on Tahuna Beach was on tonight's weather, I missed that one as well because I was at an evening class at Waimea College. 
Now, I'm on a mission to get another photo chosen - then I will have reached my goal. 

Time to set another goal ... I have one in mind already ;-)

28 August 2016

10 is my Goal.

When I set a goal, I have to admit I get obsessed. My recent goal is to have 10 photos on TV One Weather. I'm up to number 7 - so 3 more to go ...
These are the photos that made it over the weekend.

Sunrise taken at Rabbit Island.

A sign that 'Spring' is only days away ...

26 August 2016

In Print

This week I sent some of photos to 'The Leader'. There's a section where reader's can have their photos printed. Yesterday, I got an email from the editor saying my photos would be published next week.
So, tonight when I got a text from my friend Jane, saying a photo of mine was in 'The Nelson Evening Mail' I was surprised (and rapt).
Maybe the editors of two papers are in touch? Whatever the reason, it was a great way to end the week.

23 August 2016

Spring is in the Air

I read in this evening's paper there were clouds of pollen over the pine trees in Rabbit Island. That's a sure sign that Spring is knocking on the door. Our cars are now covered in a fine yellow powder - pollen - again, which is drifting over from Rabbit Island. I feel for the hay fever suffers!
After work, I shot home, picked up the dogs and my camera. The next stop was Tahuna Beach. My mission was to capture the pollen. Although I didn't manage to get that photo, I did manage to get a photo while at the beach on TV One Weather tonight.

Im not sure if that is sea spray around the pine trees or pollen?
Here's the photo that was chosen for TV One Weather.

21 August 2016

Feeling Grateful

It was great seeing my photo on TV tonight. It's nice knowing other people appreciate my photography.

19 August 2016

Back Beach - Tahuna

I'm grateful to be living in an area where the beach is only 10 minutes away. It's nice to spend a Friday evening photographing the sunset after a busy week.

TV One Weather

Yay - a photo I took on the Boulder Bank on Sunday was on TV ONE Weather.

9 August 2016

Photography Course

Whenever I study the camera manual or watch a 'You Tube' tutorial I seem to get more muddled and confused. So when I saw a photography course being advertised in the local paper, I didn't hesitate to enrol.
So last week I began an evening course on photography at Waimea College
The tutor is known as 'Scooter', an international award winning photographer and printer who has worked for the likes of BBC, Walt Disney, Fox, Viacom (ex Warner Village), Jack Mortons (opening ceremony 2004 Greek Olympics) and Habitat UK, as well as many of the UKs leading photographers and visual artists. He has over 23 years experience in the photographic industry, (I copied and pasted his from his website).
Tonight after work I headed to the beach - the sun was setting so I clicked away. 
When I came home, I posted this photo on " Aotearoa New Zealand is Paradise" and I'm thrilled to say they chose it for their cover photo.