15 July 2018

Reflections on Kapitea Reservior

This is just a short post - I wanted to share a place to visit that has fantastic reflections. 

Five minutes east of Kumara heading towards Arthurs Pass is the Kapitea Reservior, also known as Dillman's Dam. On a day without wind the reflections are breath-taking.

It's a great spot for walks, photography, kayaking and if eels don't frighten you, it would be ideal for swimming too.

This area is owned by DOC. Camping is welcomed as long as your camper van or motorhome/bus is self contained. However no freedom camping is allowed. I wish I'd taken a photo of the area where you can camp, it's right beside the water with awesome views. A new toilet block has been built in the picnic area too.

Be careful if you're thinking of visiting with pets, we noticed several signs stating 1080 had been dropped in the area.

13 July 2018


The rig and truck have sold. 

The new owners are very happy with their purchase and we are relieved to see it go to a lovely North Island couple (Len & Lesleigh).
There's a bit of a story attached to the sale. Len & Lesleigh owned a smaller fifth wheel 
(a Keystone Bullet) which they towed with a Ford Ranger. They wanted to buy our fifth wheel and truck by giving us their fifth wheel and tow vehicle plus a cash difference. When they first suggested this we weren't keen because we didn't really want another fifth wheel. Our plan was to buy a block of land and a small bus. However after we had time to think over the idea we decided to go ahead with the swap because we figured we could sell the smaller fifth wheel & ranger ourselves. Being a smaller and less expensive unit we thought there would be a bigger market for it and perhaps easy to sell on. So we agreed to the arrangement.

Then .... we got a phone call from Len saying as he was towing his fifth wheel to Wellington (so our friends Paul & Amanda could have a look at it on our behalf), he was hit by a massive gust of wind which pushed him off the road and flipped him into the ditch.

Fortunately Len was not injured although his poor wife who was following him in another vehicle saw the whole thing happen and was pretty shaken up! 
The insurance company wrote the rig off. But there is a positive side to the story - Len was paid out by his insurance company, and then able to do a straight cash deal. Perfect for us!

So it's farewell to our rig. 

Great memories!
Onwards and upwards. We've just bought a stunning block of land (smothered in native bush) that we both fell in love with. Bernie is fizzing with ideas of what he will build on it and I'm busy hunting for a small bus or caravan so we can continue exploring.