19 August 2017

Planning the first week

Often we're asked where we'll head to first when we hit the road. Originally we'd thought about going to the West Coast to catch the end of the white-baiting season. And then spend a few weeks meandering down the coast to Lake Aviemore. 
Bernie has stayed at Lake Aviemore before and thinks it's a great area. Plus we met a couple last year in Blenheim who have stayed at Lake Aviemore. They said you can stake out an area near the lake and for a few hundred dollars, keep this area as your spot between the months October through to May.

When we sat down with a map in front of us to figure out where we'd go first, we decided to avoid the West Coast during spring as that's the season known for high rainfall. Instead we thought we'd spend a couple of nights in Murchison, then a few nights at Reefton. I'm keen to see Little Biddy of Buller's gravesite after doing an article on her. Also there's an old gold mining town not far from Reefton that we'd like to explore, Waiuta. Then we will go to Lake Brunner before heading over Arthurs Pass to Canterbury.

If all goes to plan we should be parked at Lake Aviemore sometime in November, which is when the lupins will be in flower! I've been looking forward to seeing them and photographing them for years.

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