7 November 2015

Still Waiting

Last week Nick emailed us more photos. We love getting to see photos, because we've waited along time now for our rig to be ready. These photos confirm that it is for real and it's really going to happen! 
Yesterday, Nick told us the rig will be ready to collect next week...that'll be the week starting Monday 16th November. 
Even though it seems much closer now, I still wonder whether that date will be the real one??? After all ... the rig has now been in N.Z. for 2 and a half months. And for the last couple of months we've been told it will be ready to collect in a week or two. 
I really do hope, that this time, the date (next week) is for real, and we will get to bring our rig to Nelson next week.

These are some of the photos we were sent...

The fire will be so cosy when we are down South experiencing a snowy winter.

Just love the light colours.

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