9 March 2016

Tapawera Trials

We have a few things to try out. The fridge. The truck. And the dog enclosure.
When we stayed at Tapawera for the ‘Music in the Mountains’ rally, we both agreed, it was a nice little village. Plus, being close to Nelson is a bonus. So, we chose Tapawera as the destination to test out some things.

Firstly, the fridge:
What is it like on solar power?
How long does it take to cool and freeze food items?
Is it noisy?

Secondly, the truck:
How was the temperature when towing the rig over the hills?
How well is it starting?

And thirdly, the dog enclosure:
How easy was it to put up?
How long did it take?
What is the new gate like to use?

Also … I’m about to do my first interview on a couple in Tapawera, for an article I’m writing. So, for me, I’ll be trialling my interviewing skills!

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