27 March 2016


We had hoped to go to Westport for Easter, but unfortunately the three way valve needed to pump the water, in the rig, is playing up. And, without any water it was pointless going.
However, we did go for the day. And, it was sunny! When we arrived, we headed to North Beach and enjoyed a long walk with the dogs. Then we visited the Shepherds, who knew we were coming and had lunch already for us. We saw Don & Moira and bought 5lbs of whitebait from them. Then we managed to catch up with Amanda & Paul who were staying at Muz & Lyn's NZMCA CAP site close to the crossroads. I wish I had of taken some photos because it's a cool place to stay, and one we definitely plan to go to.
Just as we left to head home we stopped in at 'Tonys' and got the best fish n chips EVER. Yum! 
A quick trip, but worth it.

We left before sunrise.

First stop at Wai-iti Domain to let the dogs have a stretch.

Misty morning in Murchison

The dredge making the tip head a bit deeper for the cement ships to get in and out of port. This won't be happening for much longer as Holcim Cements is shutting down in a few months time.

Paddle boarders enjoying the surf (and sun).

NZMCA camp, right beside the beach.

Tauranga Bay area; another stop for the dogs to have a stretch.

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