18 April 2016


We decided to spend a night at 'Settle Campgrounds" in Tapawera. It's within walking distance to the township (2 minutes) and also a minute's walk to the river. We parked in the front area as the sites down the back are for smaller campers.
One of the reasons for staying away for a night was to set up the dog enclosure and check whether it actually worked. Success! It did! Plus we strung solar lights along the top so we could see the fence at night (and because I'm a sucker for fairy lights!).
The new fridge worked a treat. It got everything to temperature quickly (in fact it was so efficient Bernie had to adjust the cooling temp). We were really happy with it and it didn't draw much from the solar power.
Unfortunately, again, we had a few problems.The water suddenly stopped working. It seemed as though there was an air lock in it as when we turned on the tap, it coughed and spluttered until eventually nothing came out. Bernie checked the obvious ... yes, the fresh water tank was full, the valve was in the correct position and the water pump was switched on. Still nothing! Then, the T.V. failed, it indicated it was unprogramed. Funny, as it was working well last time. Saying we were frustrated is an understatement! So we packed up early (no point staying without water) and headed home. The last thing that failed was the satellite dish which refused to come down, so we had to drive home with it up.
To cut a long story short, we couldn't find any plumber or motorhome repair people willing to look at it. We contacted Heartland's in America and they didn't hesitate in sending us another three way valve. In fact when the package arrived they had included an extra valve, no charge.
Bernie put it on and just like that all was good again. Then the T.V. repair man came out and fixed the T.V. Everything just like new again. Phew!
Overall, we decided it wasn't a complete disaster of a weekend. These are teething problems that are happening before we are full time on the road and we have the luxury of being able to come home and stay in our house while waiting for things to get fixed. It's also taught us to go with the flow. What's the point of stressing over something that will get fixed eventually. Apparently life is all about different types of hurdles and how to respond to them.

All set up and dogs fully enclosed.

Looking down on Tadmore Valley Road from the start of the bush walk.

The sweet fragrance of hops filled the air.

A farm tractor in it's place of retirement.

Okay enjoying a walk beside the river.

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