8 September 2016

COF Time

We've heard many stories about the difficulties in getting COFs. When we were looking to buy a 5th wheeler or bus to begin a lifestyle of living on the road, we discussed the pros and cons of COFs and WOFs. We learnt WOFs were cheaper and easier to get than COFs, however the other side of the coin for us was - we needed a unit that we could live in full time, Bernie wanted lots of storage, plus we wanted head room so Bern wouldn't feel claustrophobic. 
Although our rig is brand new, we haven't had to take it for a COF yet. Nick, our agent in Tauranga who imports Heartland 5th wheelers, arranged the COF for our rig prior to Bernie picking it up. In the past we heard some 5th wheelers had failed COFs due to their brakes,(which were electric). Our rig has hydraulic brakes so we believed we'd be problem free.
So today when Bernie took the rig for a COF, we were confident it would pass. It had lots of positives ... new hydraulic brakes, it's a brand new rig, it hadn't been used much since the last COF......
It was failed - due to it's brakes!

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