6 October 2016

Blenheim or Takaka

The weather was the deciding factor between Takaka or Blenheim. Golden Bay was forecast for rain and Marlborough was forecast for sunshine. So Blenheim it was!

The truck flew over the Wangamoas without any problem.

The truck and rig going across the Pelorus Bridge.

And we parked at Retas again in Dillions Point Road. Unhitching and setting up was much easier. Phew, each time we do it, it seems better. The new dog enclosure is great. It’s easy to assembly and big enough to put up into any shape.

Looking across the paddock at Retas place where we are parked.

We met a guy called Don Kendall who is in the Motorhome Friends facebook group, he is staying here as well. He recommended another place at Springcreek that looked nice to stay. So we took a drive out there to check it out.

What a lovely place. We met the guy who owned it. He is from Te Anau and 18 months ago bought some land at Springcreek and moved onto it. He lives with his wife in a bus. Since they have been there they have planted 20 acres in grapes and Peter Yealand is harvests them. The whole 20 acres can be picked in 3 hours! When it’s time for pruning Lester, employs a contractor who comes along with 30 guys and in a day the whole 20 acres is pruned.

This CAP site called ‘Famdam Vineyard’ is a huge flat paddock which is beside the river. There’s a whitebait stand available along with a net for guests to use. Also there’s a tap with fresh water on site.

Plus, there’s a stand where you can exchange a book for another. What a great idea.

Next, we headed out to Seddon so we could go to Yealand’s Winery. We’d done the self directed tour at the beginning of the year but I was so impressed with it I wanted to go back and see it again. I’m always surprised at the amount of grapes being grown. Rows and rows and rows! 
The ponds around the vineyard had lots of birdlife.

Great view from the end of vineyard. If you look carefully you can see the North Island.

Looking out at Cape Campbell Lighthouse. It was windy and the weather was closing in so we didn’t sick around too long.

The weather cleared so we took the dogs for an evening walk.

Oakly had to be carried back because his foot is still tender after he slipped off the deck back at home last weekend. He caught his dew claw and ripped it. So he’s not feeling 100%.

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