23 October 2016

Labour Weekend

A couple of weeks ago we had arranged with Paul & Amanda Walters to spend Labour Weekend with them at Mapua. So on Thursday night we took the rig over - so when we finished work on Friday, all we needed to do was get some groceries, jump in the car and go.

When we arrived on Thursday evening, we looked for a site that would have enough space for Amanda & Paul to park nearby as well (they'd told us they wouldn't be arriving from Wellington until Friday). 
However, we were in for an awesome surprise. When we headed to the site we've stayed at a few times before, there were already two other rigs parked there. One rig was 'Changing Places' (the Walter's). And another very familiar fifth wheel named 'Out There' was parked alongside them.

'Out There' is an Ultima 5th wheel, owned by David & Shellie Evans. We've followed the adventures of their experiences of living on the road via Shellie's blog 'Two Go Tiki Touring' for over a year. Shellie is an amazing photographer and well known in the NZMCA community. She regularly writes articles for 'The Motor Caravanner' magazine and has many of her photos published.

I've wanted to meet The Evans' for a long time. So I was over the moon to see them parked up where we were to be staying for Labour Weekend.

Us on the left, Shellie & David (centre) and Paul & Amanda on the right.

We arrived later than we thought on Friday = missed 'Happy Hour'. We had dinner and then snuggled down for the night.
On Saturday morning I got up to take the dogs for a walk along the beach at Ruby Bay. As usual Paddy swam, Oakly dug holes and Boo chased birds + got wet + rolled in the sand. 

That evening, we had a pot luck dinner, which was delicious. The guys decided to watch the rugby and that's when we discovered we couldn't get Prime. And that led to David offering to sort the T.V. out for us so all the channels would be in the right order. Yay!

The next morning Bernie took the dogs off for their walk. And I slept in. It was a beaut day again so we decided once we got a few things in Motueka that we'd park up and relax.
In the afternoon Bill & Mimi, Graeme & Rachel, Shellie & David, Amanda & Paul and Bernie & I had 'Happy Hour'.

David & Shellie Evans

Rachel & Graeme

Amanda & Paul Walters (Paul must of been deep in thought)

Sunday it was forecast to rain, but luckily we woke to another nice day. It wasn't as sunny as the previous two days, but it was still mild and warm. I took the dogs along Ruby Bay Beach for a walk.

These large boulders have been placed between the sea and the properties backing onto the beach to hold back the effects of global warming.

After walking along the beach, I headed out to a pond I had seen that had great reflections of weeping willows. However, when I downloaded the photos I realised I must have taken them on some random setting = Big fail.
The only evidence I had of the pond, was this colourful duck.

Then I took a back road to Mapua, amongst apple orchards.

Then it was time to pack up and head back to reality.


  1. Haha! Great photos........except the ones of us! :) It was a lovely relaxing weekend and a pleasure to finally meet you two in person, and of course the dogs. We'll look forward to many more happy hours once you guys are on the road full time. Take care.

    1. Thanks Shellie. The countdown is on. Soon we'll be living your nomadic lifestyle. :-)


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