16 November 2016

Sunsets and a Shaky Start to the Week

On Sunday evening we took advantage of the break in the weather and enjoyed watching the sun going down over Tahuna.

The view from Queens Road, above Rocks Road.

In hindsight maybe this was the calm before the storm. As little as four hours later, just after midnight we woke to the house rocking and rolling. Is it just me or does everyone lie and wonder if it'll stop soon and whether it's going to be bad enough to get up and stand under the door frame? As it turned out, the shaking didn't stop after a few seconds. It got worse. It seemed to go on forever. As I stood underneath the door frame I could see the large pot in the hall rocking to and fro. Then the lights went out. When the shaking stopped we could hear seagulls screeching and cars sirens blaring in the distance.
We called out to Sarah (our neighbour) to check she was okay and she ran across the drive to join us. We couldn't contact Becs & Hamish straight away and I was reluctant to run down the drive to check on them incase there was another shake.
After five minutes or so, Becs rang and told us there had been a 7.5 earthquake centred in Waiau. From the shaking we experienced we could only imagine the devastation that would have happened near the epicentre.

To end this post on a positive note, here are a couple of photos taken around Rocks Road.

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