30 April 2017

Time To Go

As some of you know, we’d planned to begin living full time in the rig in February. However unexpected mechanical trouble with the truck caused us to change our plans. When the truck was eventually fixed we found ourselves nearing the end of autumn. Bernie thought we should set off in spring instead of starting in the winter months.

Recently several personal factors have been thrown into the mix. Now everything seems to be pointing to us leaving sooner rather than later.

House-wise we have a couple of things left to do. Paint the sleep-out and finish extending the kitchen deck. Both of these jobs can be completed in a couple of weeks (so Bernie says).

The awning for the rig will probably be made by next week. And Nick Eagle (the agent who imported our rig) is sending down a new motor for the slide out and legs, which have been playing up (stalling mid movement). Once that’s sorted the rig should be good to go. Hopefully it’ll be trouble free from here on in as we seem to have had our fair share of teething problems!

Just like all landlords…finding good tenants is a priority. Becs has offered to keep an eye on the place for us and do routine checks.

So, at last, we are on the count down.

How do we feel now that it’s about to happen? Excited. Happy. Relieved. Curious. A little anxious (will we find work and will the dogs be okay with the change of lifestyle?). Also slightly cautious about getting too excited incase something else holds us up.

It’ll be so good to finally experience this new lifestyle. . . a dream come true!


  1. All the best for a hassle free final preparation time.

  2. Thanks Carol. Lots to do but feeling more motivated to get things done now I know it's happening!


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