15 April 2017

Worth Getting Up Early

Cyclone Cook was predicted to bring high winds and flooding. Unfortunately the North Island suffered most of it's fury. We got off lightly in Nelson. A few days of rain, cloud and miserable weather and it was all over.
This morning I woke just after 6am and saw a tinge of blue in the sky. I grabbed my camera and whispered in Oakly's ear that we were going in the car ( I had to whisper because if the other two came with us, it wouldn't be a relaxed sunrise experience).
We headed to the Boulder Bank and had it to ourselves. It's a beaut place to watch the sun rise.

It looked like the spot to build driftwood huts. There were over a dozen huts built along the shore line.

A few paradise duck couples were enjoying the early morning too. Oakly was interested but never approached any.

The Boulder Bank had calm seas this morning. Sometimes when the weather cuts up, it's a good spot for surfers. So, although I missed getting surfies in action, I loved watching the new day dawn with my furry friend.

The cows seemed oblivious to the start of a new day ...

After our walk, we (Oakly & I ) jumped in the car to head home for breakfast. It was a little bonus seeing a rainbow as we drove along Rocks Road.

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