15 May 2017

Who Knew?

A few months ago we got a COF for the truck and rig. This month it was time to register the truck. Bernie went to register it and was told he couldn't because the truck didn't have a COF. He explained that it did and went and showed them the COF ticket. Only to be informed that it had been cancelled by The NZ Transport because Bernie didn't have a 'Transport Service' licence. 
Bernie explained the truck was solely used to tow a private fifth wheeler. That it had a permanent hitch on the back, making it impossible to transport anything else. Apparently that makes no difference. We were told because the truck was over a certain gross laden weight ( 6000kg) the driver needed a 'Transport Service' licence. So the COF had been cancelled until Bernie applies for one.

How annoying! Not only will it cost $449 to get this licence, but no-one told us. NZ Transport never contacted us to say they had canceled our COF. Grrrr.

Just goes to show ... you're never too old to learn something new!

The information below was copied and pasted from the NZ Transport Agency's website.
Who needs a transport service licence?
Whether you're an individual or a company, you must hold the appropriate transport service licence (TSL) if you're operating:


  1. Does that include my bus. The GVM is 15000 kg??

    1. Not if your bus is deemed to be a motorhome on the loading certificate

    2. Not if your bus is deemed to be a motorhome on the loading certificate

  2. Wow! Cancelling your COF and not informing you is negligence, surely. You mentioned elsewhere that your insurance would not have been valid after they cancelled your COF, and you didn't even know! Unbelievable that they did not bother to tell you. At least you're all sorted now. Well done with the exercise in patience and tolerance. ;) I think, "Grrrr", deserves a medal . . . or something! :)

    1. Getting ready to live on the road has certainly been a learning curve. :-)


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