18 May 2017

7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ...

IT’S HAPPENING … It’s now seven weeks until we hand the house keys over to our tenants.

I’ve decided to write a blog each week as we count down. These blog posts will be like a journal. In months to come, I may want to read over these ‘Count Down’ weeks and remember how I/we felt. Plus, people who are thinking of living on the road might find it helpful.

This week has gone so quickly. We got the truck back from the garage (again!). The mechanics are confident that they’ve found the reason the sensor light flashed intermittently. Apparently it’s fixed now. We’re hoping they’re right.

This week I started a new job at a local school. It’s a temporary position that has funding for 8 weeks. That’ll take us to the end of the term. It’s an interesting/challenging job. I’m running a ‘Nurture group,’ which involves supporting a small group of 5 year olds - who for various reasons have challenges being at school.

The school has a positive, supportive vibe, and the teachers I work alongside are friendly. The Nurture Room is well resourced. I’m grateful to be back teaching without having the long hours, reports, meetings and all the associated paperwork.

Plus, I’m fortunate this position ends a week before we leave.

So…with only 7 weeks to go…
  • ·      We have to complete the kitchen deck.
  • ·      Finish painting the sleep-out.
  • ·      It’s all looking good with finding tenants (there’s been lots & lots of interest).
  • ·      Bernie is ready to leave work.
  • ·      The truck seems to be fixed.
  • ·      And, the awning for the rig has been made.

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