3 June 2017

Mot's the Spot!

Bernie left early Friday morning to take the rig to Marchwood Park in Motueka. I had to work so I followed around 5 o'clock. When I arrived everything was set up which was a bonus - even the awning had been put up. 
On the way over, I stopped at Ruby Bay to give the dogs a run.

Next morning I got up before sunrise to photograph the iconic 'Janie Seddon'. I'm not sure if it was such a good idea to take the dogs. The little ones got in the mud on the foreshore and were smothered in it. Boo actually got stuck in it!

The Janie Seddon was built in the United Kingdom in 1903. That same year she was brought out to New Zealand as a submarine mine laying vessel based in Wellington. 
In 1936 Talley's Fisheries purchased the ship to be used as a fishing trawler. However vessels the size of Janie Seddon weren't permitted to operate in the coastal waters of Tasman Bay. Her operating radius was limited by a 5 day coal bunker which often meant she would return with empty coal bunkers and half empty holds.
In 1950 she was laid up at the Motueka Wharf and five years later stripped of everything valuable and beached on the Motueka foreshore.  

I walked the dogs along the beach front hoping to rid them of some mud. In the end I drove to the Mot River and shampooed them.

Marchwood Park proved to be a great place to stay. There was all day entertainment in the form of horse jumping, parachuting and several planes practising taking off and landing.
The dogs seemed to enjoy their view from the couch.

Not far down the road are the historical salt baths. Too cold for a dip this time of the year though.

Some time during the 1920's the Motueka Beach was thought to be too dangerous for swimming due to sharks. Money was raised and in1926 an area was enclosed using shark proof fencing. This rusted away so in 1938 a pool was made with three concrete walls - the floor remained sandy. At high tide the pool would fill up, however over several years it filled up with sand. This resulted in a fourth wall and a concrete floor being added.

In the evening I went to the marina to get some photos of reflections as the sun was setting.

I couldn't resist popping back to the 'Janie Seddon' to get some shots in the evening light.

On Sunday morning we woke to horses neighing. The show jumping beside us had started.

We took the dogs for a walk along the beach. A trendy thing to do while at the beach seems to be to make a driftwood tepee. 

When we stay at a place we like to collect wild flowers. This was our 'Mot' lot.

Marchwood Park was a great place to stay. Many people living full time on the road choose this spot to 'winter over'. This large park has several gravel parking spots and areas beneath trees which would be perfect during the hot summer months. Plus it's suitable for all size motorhomes. Being close to town and providing free entertainment from your campervan windows are an added bonus.

View from the lounge window.
Being beside the airport was great!


  1. Gorgeous photos! I've not been down that way for about 8 or 9 years.

    1. Thanks. You'll notice a change when you visit the town next. Lots of cafes and new shops. Plus more houses being built. It's a neat place to have a holiday.

  2. Super photos! Motueka is a lovely little town, I could happily live in the area.

    1. It is a cute little town. Even it winter it was bustling with activity.


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