3 February 2018

Taking it Easy at Ealing

You wouldn't be the only one if you said you've never heard of Ealing. And most likely if you blinked you'd miss it, but then you'd be missing something pretty special.
Ealing is a tiny rural area between Timaru and Ashburton. And NZMCA are lucky enough to have a park there for members to use. And it's awesome.

We arrived the day before the bad weather was forecast to hit. Heavy rain warnings and blustery winds were predicted for most of the South Island. Although we didn't choose to stay at Ealing for a place to hunker down, when we arrived we realised we'd found a little haven sheltered from the forecasted wind.

And the grass was lush and green. What a treat after spending several weeks in dry and dusty Otago.

Some visitors may not like the sound of milk tankers passing by at all hours and trains rattling by every so often.

Other than being a nice spot to park up and relax there's not a lot happening at Ealing - I guess that's why most people only stayed a couple of nights to break their journey to somewhere else.

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