4 February 2018

When The River Meets the Sea.

Rangitata River Mouth is 19kms from SH1 between Temuka and Hinds (Canterbury). The lagoon is a rich turquoise colour, similar to the glacial lakes but a deeper shade. 

Between the lagoon and the sea is a shingle bar, wide enough for numerous quad bikes. We stopped at the spot where the Rangitata River meets the Pacific Ocean.

What a spot! And obviously we weren't the only people to think so. There's a small settlement of fishing baches (cribs/holiday homes) on the left as you drive in, and on the right is a well-priced popular camping ground.

Entrance to the fishing baches/cribs.
Entrance to Rangitata River Mouth Campground
A novel work of art is displayed on the campground's toilet block -  a selection of fishing rods.  

Very fitting for the Rangitata River Mouth.  
No need for speed bumps here! Nature has played it's part with tree roots pushing the road upwards to create lots of bumps!

These ripples along the road are tree roots moving the road up. The bumps are bigger than the photo shows them to be. It's like driving over a badly corrugated road!
Paddy of course didn't need any encouragement to get in. The day was sweltering - in the mid thirties again, making the water tepid and hard to resist. We hadn't come prepared, our togs were back at the rig ... but that didn't stop Bernie from jumping in!

A fabulous place to spend a summer's day ... or any day!

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