26 January 2018

A 'Neigh'-bourly Place To Stay

On the outskirts of Mosgiel township are the A&P Showgrounds and they're a fabulous place to stay. For motor-homers the showgrounds has it all, space, it's dog friendly, water available, rubbish removal, great pressured showers, only $3 to use the washing machine and the icing on the cake is free entertainment when an event is being held.

A two-day horse event took place during our visit, providing us with all day entertainment.

The temperature on both days hovered around 35 degrees! I felt for the horses being out in the scorching heat. But their owners were quick to cool them down after they'd been ridden.

In the evening the horses were put into stables wearing an assortment of interesting attire.

Some of the horses were still in their P.Js early the next morning.

Not far down the road on the outskirts of the Taieri Plains is a tiny settlement named Outram. And close to Outram is the 'Outram Bridge' which has a lovely swimming hole nearby.

What a great way to spend a hot afternoon. Bernie and I cooled off in the water, Oakly spent hours digging and Boo ran along the water's edge thinking she was keeping Paddy in the river. And despite hours of practise, Paddy still isn't an elegant diver!

Here he is doing a run up ....
Not such a great entry - lots of work needed to perfect his dive.
Looking very proud of himself! - Bless him.
Brighton Beach was only 10 minutes away from where we were staying and it's a perfect beach for a walk. I'm not sure how safe it would be for swimming though. There weren't many people about and those who were there, were also giving their dogs an off-leash walk.

We were surprised to see several healthy, decent sized Kina (sea urchin) washed up on the sand. They looked like little hedgehogs rolled into balls. When I googled information on them, I was surprised to read, Kina can live up to 20 years! During the day they wedge between rocks and come out at night to graze on algae.

A quick visit to St Claires the next day was a must. It was Saturday and knowing it would be busy, we felt lucky to find a park along the beach front to watch the comings and goings.

Some of the Mosgiel sunrises were worth getting up for - and if I'm honest, I snuggled back into bed afterwards!

Sunrise reflecting on the back window of the rig.

A few facts on Mosgiel
17 kilometres west of Dunedin is Mosgiel. It's a satellite town of Dunedin and is an important service town to the Taieri Plains farming community. City hills seperate Mosgiel from Dunedin (the second largest city in the South Island). Mosgiel is linked to Dunedin by the Dunedin southern motorway.

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