25 January 2018

Tunnel Beach

Tunnel Beach is a short drive from Dunedin. And what a stunning place it is - if you're in the area, don't miss it. All you'll need is footwear with a bit of grip and enough puff to climb back up the hill!

Google maps made it super easy to find, however finding a park wasn't as easy. The carpark was full - it seemed everyone had the same idea to visit the beach.

The walk begins by crossing over a style before heading down a well maintained walking track. I understood why the track was nice and wide when I saw the volume of people passing to and fro.

Shortly into the walk the impressive views appeared. The ocean stretched for miles and the  water was a brilliant blue. The rugged Otago coastline provided a rich contrast with it's towering golden cliffs.

The path continued steeply downwards, I deliberately didn't think about how the walk back up might be! Denial can be a good thing!

Some folk obviously aren't fazed by heights! Without any barriers around the cliff's edges it was a little freaky seeing how close some people were willing to stand near the edge.

In the 1870s John Cargill commissioned for a tunnel to be dug down to a secluded beach so his family could swim in privacy. Massive sandstone boulders loom above and surround the rocky cove.

As the tide came in the waves were smashing  against the huge sandstone sea-arch. The power of the water was mesmerising. It was easy to understand how the sea had played a major part in shaping the cliffs over many years.

The entrance to the tunnel is partially concealed by vegetation. It was narrow, dark and damp, I counted 73 steps leading down to the beach.

And just like most tourist spots nowadays - someone had their selfie-stick!

And then there was the guy dressed up in a costume posing for a photographer.

People enjoyed the magnificent views while having a breather before tackling the the uphill walk back.

I could easily have spent another few hours admiring the view and watching the sea pounding in but it was time to face the hill!


  1. Tunnel Beach was on my bucket list when we visited Dunedin, but sadly didn't happen. Thanks for sharing your great photos so I could at least see what I missed.

  2. Replies
    1. It was - make sure you visit it when you're in the area. You must be in the South Island soon???


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