3 December 2017

Dogs On A Mission

Rabbits, rabbits and more rabbits - the dogs think it's paradise. Oakly has taken his obsession skills to a new level.

The dog fencing around the rig has been worth its weight in gold. Although Boo has managed to escape a couple of times (sigh).

For the two smaller dogs most of their day is spent with their heads down and bums up.

Always hopeful to flush a rabbit out from its hiding place.

A couple of times I've watched a rabbit dart away from where the dogs are fossicking. The dogs were completely unaware, while I was silently grateful that it escaped unharmed.

Paddy on the other hand isn't interested. His passion is water and his patience is endless while he waits beside the lake or in the grass, hoping we will come down and throw something in for him to retrieve.

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