22 December 2017

Little Loch Cameron - Twizel

Loch Cameron is between Twizel and the Pukaki Canal. It can be found down Glen Lyon Road which is a road that runs along the north side of the Twizel township. Six kilometres down the road passed lots of stunning lifestyle properties, is Loch Cameron.

It's a tiny lake, known for good salmon and trout fishing. Children enjoy the popular fishing competitions that are held there.

In the middle of Loch Cameron is an island with a handful of trees. It would make a good place to swim out to (if you weren't scared of eels!).

The reeds and bull rushes around the edge of the loch provide ideal spots for ducks to hide away.

I'm not sure if dogs are allowed at Loch Cameron or not - here are the two signs that were displayed at the entrance.

On still days the reflections around the loch are spectacular - imagine what it might look like in autumn?

Because it's not a very large lake/loch it only took about 20 minutes to walk around the perimeter.

At the end of the loch, I climbed up the bank to see how close the Pukaki Canal was. It's really close with only a narrow road in between.

That's Loch Cameron on the left and the Pukaki Canal to the right.
Although you're not allowed to camp at Loch Cameron, it's a beaut place to stop for a picnic, try your luck at fishing, take a swim or enjoy a scenic walk.

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  1. Thank you for sharing such a beaut spot, i shall be sure to visit next time im there as i missed it recently


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