7 December 2017

Umpteen Tekapo Tourists

Tourists love Lake Tekapo. Buses, campers and cars arrive continuously throughout the day to capture the stunning turquoise lake and stand among the lupins getting photos.

The 'Church of the Good Shepherd' had endless tourists swarming the area. I'd never seen so many selfie-sticks!

It was entertaining just watching the tourists.

Early one morning I went to Lake Alexandrina to watch the sunrise. I left at 5:30am and drove past the Church of the Good Shepherd on the way. I wanted to see if the carpark would be empty at that time. No, it wasn't. Already there were about a dozen photographers waiting with their tripods for the sunrise.

On the way home at about 8am I drove past again. This time it was even busier.Tourists galore!

I noticed a bride and groom posing for photos.

No tramping boots for this tourist.
Lots of Asians popped up from the lupins. It was intriguing seeing them posing - looking one way, adjusting their head angle, turning their face this way and that - up and down, side to side. It was all very fascinating to stand back and watch.


  1. Love the photos of the photos!
    And well they might stand in awe. Stunning. Like no place on earth.

    1. Thanks Tina - yip, it was good standing back and watching.


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