26 December 2017

First Christmas on the Road

Christmas on the road was similar to Christmas in a house. The rig was decorated in fairy lights and tinsel. Santa and a festive snowman sat beside the T.V. dressed in their Christmas attire, draped with tiny sparkling lights.

And just like any Christmas it wouldn't be Christmas without loved ones. We were blessed to have Becs and Hamish join us. They drove 9 hours to be with us and I was so grateful.

And Becs and Hamish's fur-babies also made the long journey. Oakly was thrilled to be reunited with his best buddy Inkah.

Bernie's sister Claire and hubby Barry also had Christmas with us. They arrived a few days before and parked their fifth wheel nearby.

We had oodles of food, fabulous company and stunning scenery.

Saying good-bye was hard. Becs and Hamish left on Boxing Day and I spent the rest of the day in tears. Being away from family is definitely a downside to life on the road. 

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