9 January 2016

Showing The Rig To An Interested Couple

Bernie got a phone call from a couple who live in Richmond who are keen to buy a fifth wheeler. Nick Eagle had given them our contact details as they had contacted him while they were searching online. Dusty and Alena (?) came out to have a look at the rig on Saturday and seemed pretty impressed. Dusty is flying to Tauranga on Tuesday to look at a brand new, Keystone Cougar, and because Alena isn't going up with him she wanted to get an idea of the head room that fifth wheelers offer. They plan to buy one soon and live in it for a year before living on the road. They've sold their house and are also looking for some land in the area where they can park it up (that will allow dogs), until they head away.
It'll be interesting to see what they end up buying.

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