4 January 2016

First Rainy Day

In the early hours of the morning we woke to the sound of rain. It’s such a soothing sound to drift off to sleep to. The vents in the bedroom and lounge have a rain sensor installed so they closed automatically, however the vent in the bathroom remained open. When we got up in the morning there was a wet patch on the bath mat. # Lesson 1: Close bathroom vent each night.

When we went into the kitchen we discovered another puddle of water. At first we couldn’t find the source. There were no vents in the ceiling above where the water was. It looked as though it was coming from underneath the fridge. This caused us to feel concerned! After more investigating we found that the water was dripping from underneath the island bench, the waste pipe connection from the sink wasn’t screwed as tight as it could have been. I had left water in the sink overnight and the connection developed a slow leak. So over a period of time it began dripping. Thank goodness that was an easy fix! #Lesson 2: Empty all sinks.

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