31 December 2015

First Day In Our Rig

Well, the alarm rang at 3:30am and up I sprung, eager to meet Bernie in Picton and to get my first ever glimpse of our new rig! After a couple of stops for the dogs I arrived in Picton at 7am. My first thought when I saw the rig was, wow, it's huge!!!!! Then, I saw Bernie, and it really looked as if he hadn't slept since he had left for Tauranga on Monday. He looked shattered. We took the rig to Dillons Point Road, which is a CAP site, it's $5 a night. We parked it up and I got to admire the inside. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!
Here are some snaps of the day.

The clock in Nelson showing 5am as I was driving through.

Had to take a photo of Halifax Street as we left Nelson at 5am as I haven't seen it that early before!

Enjoying the sights and smells.

Stopped at Blenheim to let the dogs have a break, while I admired the gorgeous sun rising over the vineyards.

My very first real life sighting of our beautiful new rig...soon to be home!

Parked at Dillions Point Road, an NZMCA CAP site, owned by Reta Tuckerman.

The entrance to Reta's home, this is just to the left of the CAP site we stayed at.

Vineyards across the road from where we stayed.

This plaque was just around the corner, I noticed it while walking the dogs.

Swimming spot for the dogs.

Wairua River.

First meal in our rig.

We ended the evening with a lovely stroll along the river running through Blenheim. The sunset was stunning. What a perfect first day in our rig!

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