30 December 2015

Traveling from Tauranga to Wellington

These are some photos that Bernie sent of his trip down the North Island bringing the rig home. He was late leaving Tauranga as there were so many last minute things needing to be done on the rig. Eventually he left at 6pm and headed for Taupo. The truck's temperature gauge soared to high as it climbed the hills which was a huge concern. While traveling downhill the temperature gauge returned to normal. The next day, Bernie turned the heater on while driving (which we read about online), and this helped. The truck's temperature remained fine from Taupo to Wellington. Phew!

Taking up a few parks!

Parked up for the night at Taupo's NZMCA (3365). It's close to the Taupo Airport, with a flat large area to park.

Parked in Wellington waiting for the ferry crossing.

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