21 December 2015

At Last

Oh My Goodness! Wahooooo....The rig and truck are ready. 
On Friday we heard from Nick, he said everything would be ready on Monday! 
B..u..t... Guess what?
We tried to book it on the ferry but as it's so close to Christmas, everything is booked until the 31st December!
So, the 31st of December is the day that the rig finally gets to the South Island!

It's going to be a busy next few weeks. We are having Christmas in Dunedin and then back to Nelson. Bernie flies out to Tauranga the next day. I will meet Bernie in Blenheim with the dogs on the 31st to spend New Years Eve together.

The paper work we did trying to juggle dates so we could have Christmas in Dunedin and then collect the rig ASAP.

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