24 December 2015

Nelson to Dunedin

What a long trip! We left Nelson at 6am on Christmas Eve and traveled to Dunedin to spend Christmas with Renee and Bryce. The dogs came with us, so we had many stops, which I was thrilled about as it created lots of opportunities to experiment with my camera.

Vineyards litter the countryside in the Marlborough region.

This was just North of Kaikoura. I forgot how rough the sea was in this area, and my jandal was snatched off my foot by a pounding wave! It disappeared and luckily reappeared further along the beach.

Falcon Street in Dunedin (where Renee lives). So many steep hills in this city!

Kaikoura Ranges

I bet these surfers had to look twice when these fins appeared.

Steeple in Oamaru.
The old part of Oamaru

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