21 December 2015

New Camera

After lots and lots of research and many hours spent comparing numerous cameras, I finally took the plunge and bought a new Nikon d7200 from Harvey Norman. I was determined to do everything by the book (literally). So I took it slowly and read the instruction manual carefully and I watched 'You Tube' videos on the Nikon d7200. I started the set up, step by step. However I came across a hicc-up when the battery didn't seem to be charging in the time the manual suggested that it should charge. I left it for an extra 4-5 hours and then put it in the camera. Nothing! I tried re-charging it again. Still nothing! So I packed the camera and battery charger up and took it back to Harvey Norman. It turned out that somehow, someone had mysteriously put the wrong Nikon camera into the d7200's box. So, I got the Nikon d5500 instead of the Nikon d7200. 
The sales person said they'd replace it, however  there were no d7200's in store. After many phone calls,one was found in Gisborne. Now, I am eagerly waiting for a phone call to say that my proper d7200 camera has arrived from Gisborne!

Right packaging but wrong camera!

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