26 December 2015

Sight Seeing Around Dunedin

Renee took us sight seeing around Dunedin on Boxing Day. Bernie wanted to see Abbotsford, where the major landslide happened on the 8th of August 1979. Then we went to Every Street where David Bain's family was murdered on the morning of the 20th June, 1995.
Once the gruesome part of our tour was over, we saw lots of gorgeous old buildings. Then we drove out to Aromoana and enjoyed some time on the beach.

Otago Girls, the oldest school in New Zealand and in the Southern Hemisphere.

Here is Ella standing in front of Otago Girls, where she will start her third form year next year. Mia already goes to this school.

Aromoana Beach

Playing with the camera and Ella.

I didn't realise the tree behind Mia's head would make her hair appear wind blown!

Looking toward the town centre from The Railway Station.

These named bricks were around the garden edges in front of the Railway Station.

Part of the Railway Station.

Outside of the Railway Station.

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  1. Loving your blog Katrina. The ship, the Kakariki, is the ship Corey was working on when I met him :) There is a great DOC live webcam at the Albatross Colony that watches an albatross pair, and looks over to Aramoana. It is neat because when the ships go past you get an incredible view of them. I just watched the same ship go out a few days ago!


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