21 October 2017

2 Weeks & 2 Days

It's two weeks since we left Nelson. And if you asked me what I think of it so far ... my answer would be it is so much better than I thought it would be.
  • I love not knowing where we'll go next.
  • It's awesome meeting someone who recommends a place to stay that we hadn't thought of.
  • I love the thought of exploring a new area and learning the local history.
  • I get excited at the thought of taking photos in a place I've never been to.
  • In such a short time, we've met many lovely people who're friendly, like-minded and helpful. 
  • It's awesome meeting people who've been following our blog - It's nice that they come and say 'hi'.
  • I feel relieved  I'm not pining for home (it was my haven). The rig feels like home and although I can't explain why, I'm at ease with that.
  • I'm enjoying the challenge of sticking to a budget - although it's still an area we need to tweak.
  • I love waking up to birdsong instead of an alarm.
Some of my favourite photos of the first 2 weeks ...

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