8 October 2017

Six Mile Track

If bygone times interest you, you can combine a walk with a slice of history. 'The Six Mile' walk is situated 9.6 kilometres from the Murchison township on the Matakitaki Road.

This hour long walk starts and finishes at the old Six Mile hydro power station by the Six Mile Creek Bridge. The power and hydro scheme opened in 1922 and provided power to Murchison. It operated for 54 years before closing in 1975 as it was considered to be uneconomic.

The track zigzags 50 metres uphill beside the old penstock to the water storage reservoir. 

When the track entered the bush I noticed moss smothering everything.

The track continued on to follow the water race and eventually ended at a viewing platform above an old weir.

Below the weir are waterfalls and rapids in a narrow granite gorge. The sound of the water thundering down made my heart beat faster – I don’t know why huge amounts of flowing water always does that?

The return walk is along the same track. I was hoping to get some photos of birds but didn’t spot any, although I heard a few in the distance.

Black beech (Fuscospora solander) claimed its name because it's prone to a sooty mold that covers its trunks and branches. A scale insects which sucks at the sap front he tree excretes honeydew, a sweet liquid in small droplets on the end of stalks. This feeds the sooty mold and forms a valuable high energy food source for various birds and insects.

Near the end of the walk, I stepped out of the bush and was surprised how warm the day had become.

The vegetation changed dramatically. 

Although broom is an invasive shrub that competes with our native plants, I couldn't help but admire this 'Scotch Broom'. Look at the colour!

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  1. Looks like you had a lovely day for your walk. There were quite big cattle in the paddock and I felt like I was running a guantlet (although I actually walked) to get back to the gate before they caught up with me. They're so blinking nosey.


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