10 October 2017

Through Lewis Pass to Hanmer Springs

Being newbies to this way of living, we'd mapped out our journey for the first month. However we realised after a rainy day in the rig that sunny weather was easier for us and the dogs. Unfortunately the path we'd so carefully planned had a weather forecast of rain- so we decided to take another route.

It looked like Canterbury was the driest place to be. So we postponed our visit to Reefton and headed to Hanmer Springs instead.

It must of taken about an hour to pack up. I took care of the inside, while Bernie looked after the outside. Then we both did a final check, checking everything was closed and put away securely. That done, Bernie went to the dump station and when he told me there was nothing I could help with (yay), I went on ahead.

I stopped south of Springs Junction to give the dogs a walk. It was threatening to rain but luckily it held off.

Further down the road was the St James walkway. From the carpark there's a 20 minute loop track through an alpine wetland with views of Gloriana Peak and the Spencer Mountains. 

And only a minute's walk from the car is a tarn. Unfortunately there was a slight breeze so I wasn't able to photograph perfect reflections in the water. But it was such a stunning spot.

I just loved the scenery - the orange and red moss. The pale creamy lichen dripping from trees.

As you can see I couldn't stop clicking away from all angles. It was just beautiful.

I just happened to be walking back to the car at the same time Bernie drove past. It was a mad dash to try and get the camera focussed to capture him.

And one last stop as we got nearer to Hanmer. 

The dogs weren't too keen on running through the matagouri - I don't blame them, those spines are vicious.

As we got closer to the Hanmer turn off, the sun appeared. The dogs enjoyed the view as we drove across The Waiau Ferry Bridge.

From the colour of the Waiau River there'd been some recent rain.

The NZMCA park is the first turn on the right after The Hanmer Bridge. It's a lovely spot, with lots of room and the park is fringed with lush, green, willow trees. 

When I arrived Bernie had found a spot to park but as we started to level the rig, the legs had to extend past their length, so we found another spot.

To the right of the rig are clusters of blue grape hyacinths and some orange California Spring Wildflowers.

Another great NZMCA park for only $3 a night/person, max of 3 nights.


  1. Oh yeah - I know who I shall be stalking for my fixes of Kiwiland!
    AWesome photographs Katrina - & of course I adore the Grape Hyacinths & the Californian Poppies!

  2. Looking forward to following in your footsteps.


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