4 October 2017

First Day On The Road

What a busy few days. Even though we’ve been preparing for this day for months (actually two years!), the last week has been hectic. We’ve stuck to our ‘To Do’ list and as we’ve ticked things off, we’ve added more. And then made extra lists! It seemed to go on and on.

But, it was worth all the effort as we drove away knowing the house was left spotless for the tenant to enjoy.

Saying goodbye to family was something I wasn’t looking forward to. But as someone said, ‘It’s not good-bye – it’s see ya later’. I like that. I’m so grateful our family is excited and supportive of our new adventure.

It was hard to sleep the night before we left. We were both excited and eager to get going.

By 10am we were sorted. The house was tip-top and we were packed and ready to leave. We said good-bye to the neighbours and then I went to say good-bye to Becs. I kept it brief because I knew I’d sob like a baby!

After filling the rig with water, we were on our way. I stopped at Wakefield to give the dogs a run and then stopped at the top of the Spooners to catch Bernie to check all was going well.

We arrived at the NZMCA park in Murchsion around 1 o’clock. What a great site. Lots of space to park on flat gravel. It’s $3/night per person, max. 7 nights.

It didn’t take us long to set up and put the dog fencing around. Then we made a cuppa and relaxed for half an hour before heading out to take the dogs for a walk beside the river.

After dinner we had a visit from Charlotte who is traveling with her dog and two cats in her 11.5 metre bus. She tows a dolly which transports her car behind the bus. What an inspiring person. She bought the bus in June and had never driven a larger vehicle like that before. After buying it she got her HT licence and ever since has been learning as she goes.

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