25 October 2017


As we were packing up to leave Amberley, a guy named 'Solly' asked if he could have a look inside the rig. We got chatting and it turned out Solly was on his way to Little River to attend a Djembe Workshop.

A djembe (pronounced Jem-bay) is a goblet shaped drum from Africa. The head of the drum is traditionally made from goat's skin. It's said to have originally been made by the Mandinke tribe in West Africa. 

The djembe is a popular drum due to the fact it can create an unusually wide range of pitches. The bass (low), tone (medium) and slap (high). These sounds can be made by striking different areas of the djembe skin with your hands.

After trying it out, Bernie loved it. It would be an ideal drum to travel with us and would replace the drum kit Bernie reluctantly left in storage. 
Bernie enquired about the workshop at Little River, so he could attend for a day. However it's a four day course and there wasn't an option to only go for one day.

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