3 December 2016


Canvastown is situated between Nelson and Blenheim. If you blink you'll miss it! 
We wondered if it got it's name from the amount of tents around during the gold mining times. And it turns out that's exactly how the name came about. It was originally called 'Wakamarina'. In 1864 the town was founded after gold was discovered. Up to 6,000 miners came to make their fortunes. Previously it had been a Maori Pa, but then many canvas and calico tents sprang up. After two years the surface gold was worked out and most miners moved to the West Coast to new gold discoveries.

There are two places you can stay.
One is a CAP #6889 "Trout Hotel". There is a flat place to park up behind the hotel. Dogs are allowed and it's suitable for larger rigs.
The other place to stay is 'Pinedale Motor Camp' CWO#6895. This spot borders the river and has a small shop, children's playground, glow worms and gold panning.

From the campground you can take a short walk through the bush to the river. 

Great swimming holes and the water is crystal clear.

Typical of Boo to roll in sand after she has had a swim.

It amazes me how some plants manage to grow in places you wouldn't think possible. This wild daisy was growing on top of a rock.

The road to the camping ground is approximately 7- 8kms from the main road turn off. I think the farmers up this valley must be very caring to their life-stock because every animal seemed super friendly and relaxed!

The dogs enjoying the drive.

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