20 December 2016

McKee Domain - Ruby Bay

With Christmas only a few days away I thought McKee Domain would be bursting with happy campers. However, when I visited today to arrange a time to interview the care-taker I was surprised to see lots of spaces available.
It was a stunning day. The tide was in and there was a gentle breeze that offered some slight relief from the scorching sun. There weren't many people swimming which suggested the water temperature was still chilly due to the cool weather we've had recently.
I stumbled across Ken Todd (the care-taker) painting one of the toilet blocks and arranged to interview him after the busy summer/New Year season. He certainly has landed himself a great job in a beautiful location. Ken's bus sits beside the beach with views across Tasman Bay. He has lived at McKee Domain for roughly 20 years now, after taking on the position not knowing how long it would last for. 
I'm looking forward to sitting down and chatting with him, so I can discover more.

Still lots of space about.

This camper van had tinsel around it and Santa sitting on the dashboard.

An interesting truck with an assortment of tools down the side and plants in pots on the top of the roof.

Loads of drift wood washed up on the tide line, which is ideal to use in the camp fires  that are provided around the camp.

$6 a night is a reasonable price for a site by the beach and swimming on your doorstep.

Track to the beach - underneath the Pohutukawa trees.

Bird's Eye view!

A Beach Christmas Tree.

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