18 December 2016

Good-bye Nelson Central School

Good-bye to ...
  • Reports
  • Staff meetings
  • Syndicate meetings
  • Appraisals
  • Observations
  • Assessments
Last week was my last week of teaching at Nelson Central. All year I have been looking forward to the last day of term 4. I've been counting down the weeks just like kids count down until Christmas Day. So, when Thursday eventually rolled around I was surprised to be so emotional. We (the kids and I) spent the first part of the morning cleaning desks, and stacking them in a corner so the carpets could be cleaned during the holidays. After morning tea we had the final assembly on the courtyard at the front of the school. Once that was over - school was officially finished!
It was then time to say one more good-bye to my class before we dispersed for our holidays. And, that's when the tears flowed.
Back in 2012 when I was teaching at Central before I left to live on The Coast, I taught a 7 year old girl who immigrated with her Mum and siblings from Afghanistan. She couldn't speak any English but that never stopped her from getting in amongst everything and giving everything a go. She stole my heart. And when I came back to Nelson in 2015 to teach again at Central, this gorgeous Afghanistan girl was still there, but now in the senior syndicate. It was wonderful to see her again, more confident, speaking English and secure with a group of friends. On the last day of term, she came in to say goodbye. She hugged me and started to cry. This set me off. 
After we said our farewells I noticed another student, standing silently beside me with tears rolling down his face. It broke my heart. 
So it was a bitter/sweet day. I'm thrilled to walk away from the list mentioned above but I will certainly miss the kids. They are what I love about teaching. Their randomness, their innocent ways, their trust, their stories, laughter and energy. 
But - I'm ready for a change. A new challenge. And what better challenge than to live on the road with three dogs, exploring the country and grabbing work along the way when we can.

The view of the front of the school from Nile Street.

The path leading up to Renwick House - the junior area of Central School.

Renwick House - Junior school. I taught Year 1's in 2015.

The 'Crankum Crankum Tree' - this tree had a story written about it by N/Z's famous children's author Joy Cowley.

Looking towards the back area of the school. I taught Year 2s in Room 15  in 2012 - 2103

The front of the school. The classroom to the right is Room 5, this is where I taught year 3/4s in 2016.

Lime trees growing around the outside of the front field.

And a few photos of inside my classroom - incase I forget!

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