3 December 2016

Queen Charlotte Drive

Queen Charlotte Drive is the scenic route from Havelock to Picton. It's about 22kms and not suitable for vehicles longer than 12 metres. We wanted to know if we would be able to get to Momorangi Bay from the Havelock end. So we drove it to check it out - turns out we will be able to but we would have to come back out the same way and not travel through to Picton. All up we'd be about 15 metres and the closer you get to the Picton end of Queen Charlotte Drive the narrower and windier it gets. Good to know we can still get as far as magical Momorangi Bay though.

Queen Charlotte Sound

Boat sheds at 'The Grove'.

Momorangi Bay

Momorangi Bay

Momorangi Bay

Momorangi Bay

There were a few slips along Queen Charlotte Drive due to recent flooding.

Looking back towards Havelock.

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  1. Momorangi is magic. We stayed there for two nights in the caravan in November :) Hope you didn't realise the hard way that the rig is too big to push on through to Picton! Kind of good though that you have to go via the vineyards to get to Picton ;) Fiona M


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