28 December 2016

Takaka Hill

Takaka Hill is the longest hill in New Zealand and rises to 791 metres at its highest point. Bernie was confident the truck would tow the rig up without any problems and he was right. It sailed up effortlessly.

The hill is littered with many strange forms of weathered marble and among these are sinkholes and limestone caves.

Some scenes from ‘The Lord of the Rings’ movie were filmed on Takaka Hill.    

The road zig-zags and twists its way up the hill and for those that wonder if the constant winding will cause travel sickness you can be assured there are many pull over areas where you can take a breather and admire the breathtaking vistas.

I took this photo of the rig traveling down on the Takaka side of the hill, from Harwood’s Lookout. 

Harwoods Lookout is the perfect spot to pull over and enjoy the panoramic view over the glacier-carved Takaka Valley.

Just after driving through Upper Takaka I came across a fence smothered in all types of sneakers and shoes.

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