22 January 2017

Garage Sale

5:30am we woke to the alarm. It was time to get up to begin putting things out to be sold in our garage sale. Sarah (our neighbour) was having a garage sale as well, so we were hoping a few bargain hunters would turn up.

Funny, how when you are selling something cheaply people will still ask for more off. I guess they are seasoned on the other hand we are novices. Some people obviously left feeling very happy they'd got a great deal. And, at the end of the day, we were happy to see some stuff leave the property.

We managed to fill the trailer to the brim with stuff/rubbish. When we started it all seemed overwhelming so I tried to be as ruthless as possible. Being a hoarder by nature meant I had to keep reminding myself that this stuff had not been touched or looked at for a couple of years.

By midday we'd made a dent, although we still had mountains of clothing. I loaded up the car to The Sunday Market and try and get rid of more stuff. Then the remainder will go to the SPCA charity shop.

Again the alarm woke me early on Sunday morning. Fortunately the car had been packed the day before so all I needed to do was shower, dress and collect Becs. We were at the Sunday market by 6:45 unpacking our stuff.

Lucky for us we got a site (quite by fluke) beside a tree. The morning started off cloudy and at one stage there was a hint of rain. But by 10 o'clock that had changed and the sun came out in full force. We were grateful for the shade the tree offered and moved our chairs to follow the cool shady spot.

Set up behind us was 'The Coffee Guy'. It wasn't long before the tempting aroma of fresh brewed coffee wafted our way. That was all the convincing Becs needed - she ordered a couple of coffees and a plate of Danish pancakes dripping in syrup with a dusting of icing sugar. What a great way to spend a Sunday. Parked up on deck chairs, chatting to my daughter, being entertained by bargain hunters while being paid for it. We made over $200. 

Next, will be the house! Where does it end? Preparing to go on the road is a mission. We really have needed a year to get familiar with the rig and get that organised and the teething problems solved. I think we are still another 4 - 6 weeks away from being ready to leave.

Finding tenants who'll care for the place is every landlord's dream and we fall into that basket as well. You hear all sorts of horror stories about people renting properties used a 'P' houses. I do worry about that. But I remind myself that this whole adventure is a leap of faith. And I trust that finding the perfect tenants will all fall into place.


  1. We went through exactly the same, three whole years ago. I thought it would never end. Quite apart from the downsizing we were aiming for, the worst was packing up the house completely so it could be let unfurnished. We have been lucky with our tenants, our property has been well looked after and the garden is OK. The rent paid for our expenses, we only had to dip into our safety fund for the occasional bigger item. So go for it!

    1. Sounds like you've got some good tenants. We are hoping to rent it fully furnished and that'll save us having to sort through the house stuff. Crickey the garage and storage gear is a mission!

  2. I'm slowly going through the process too, aiming for being done within two years and I relate to your comments. I seem to acquire a huge amount of useless stuff and clothing!

    1. Good on you for stating now. I made a list of things to do so we would be organised a year ago. I thought having a whole year to get it done would be easy. Huh! It would of been easy if I had of stuck to the list...but nope. Turns out I'm one of those personality types that leaves things until the very last possible moment! LOL.

    2. Lots of people work better under pressure! ;) Well done with the garage and car boot sale successes.


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