8 January 2017

Getting Closer Now

Our eight days in Golden Bay were amazing. Having a new place to explore was the best. Bernie was thrilled (and I was as well) with how well the truck towed the rig over the Takaka Hill. Plus, the rig was better than ever to stay in. The solar panels charged well - even on cloudy days there was still some charge happening. Plus the fridge is brilliant, it cools things quickly and uses very little power. 
Even managing the dogs was easier. The new skirt we had made, works a treat. The dog pens are easy to put up and give a good size area.

Now that we are back home, we really do have to tackle the storage room. It just seems like such a big task that it's hard to get motivated to start.
Bernie has been working on the shed on the truck. The washing machine and sink are now in and the two tanks at the back are installed. Oh, I forgot to mention how efficient those tanks are. When we were parked at Takaka, Bernie would park the truck alongside the rig and empty out the grey & black tanks (from the rig) into the truck's tank. All was needed was to drive the truck to the dump station. It's so much easier to get the truck in and dump rather than having to squeeze in with the rig.

In the back of my mind I've wondered how I will feel living in the rig - not having our wee haven to come back to. I'm a hopeless home-body! Staying away this time has changed those thoughts. The rig felt like home. I actually didn't want to go back and was trying to think of ways to stay away longer.

I guess the only concern is not having an income. I've already resigned and it was easy for me. After I burnt out I knew I couldn't continue working under so much stress. It wasn't healthy and eventually I 'hit a wall' (so to speak). I'm still not 100% but am definitely better than I was six weeks ago.
Bernie, however is wanting to wait a little longer before handing over his resignation letter. There are a few more bits and pieces that need to be done before he feels we are ready to go.

It'll be a giant leap of faith - walking away from two secure careers. But, it's time for a change. I've saved hard this year and if we budget we will have enough to get through the first year without having to work (providing no unplanned expenses arise). I do plan to work over winter though. Maybe have a couple of months off and then I'd like to find some relief teaching or a casual job/s, to have money coming in.

People who are now living on the road have said after the first three months we might question what we are doing and freak out a little. But apparently that passes and then there's no looking back. I must remind myself of this if/when we feel that way.

I get such a buzz out of photography and writing my blog that the thought of having new topics to write about, excites me. I love researching an area, or discovering an interesting historical piece of information and then writing about it and photographing it. I'll have to become more organised with filing and saving my work. Getting net-speed and enough data is a priority.

Thank goodness for technology because it means it'll be easy to keep in touch with family. I'm so lucky to have Becs & Hamish living across the road and I'll miss them dearly, but I know I can contact Becs 24/7. And knowing she is happy makes it easier to go on this adventure.

So ... hopefully in 6 to 8 weeks we will be living on the road full time. Time now to get motivated and clear out the house and garage!


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