4 January 2017

Waitapu River Inn

Three kilometres out of Takaka we found a fantastic to place to stay. Waitapu River Inn (situated a couple of hundred metres off the main road) is a pack backers, restaurant and bar. In its previous life it was known as the 'Globe Hotel'. 
The area to park, filled each night with overnight campers but by mid morning most had packed up and left. It was perfect for us - easy access, flat well kept grounds and a lovely rural view. We woke to cows plodding along to and from the milking shed, across paddocks littered with buttercups.

Waitapu Wharf Road is a sealed road ending at an old wharf. The Waitapu Wharf was once a thriving fishing port and played a major early role in the early history of Golden Bay. A tramway began operating in 1882 between Waitapu Wharf and East Takaka, primarily to carry timber to the wharf. Over the years it has fallen into disrepair and the channel has silted up considerably. The approaches now require local knowledge to navigate, and at low tide, in places there is insufficient depth for even small vessels. The wharf, was once owned by the government (but now by DOC) is still used today for shellfish processing and packaging.

The road down to the wharf passes a lifestyle block that grows and sells calla lillies on a road side stall.

Further along, an old, retired fishing boat is being used as someone's home.


  1. Thanks for the recommendation :)

  2. This is a great wee spot; quite an unexpected find. Love your photos Katrina! Fiona M


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