8 January 2017

This 'n' That

Instead of doing several smaller posts I thought I'd gather bits and pieces of news and put it altogether in the one post. Kind of a 'catch up' post.

Where to start? The beginning perhaps?

The Tanks
Another thing we've ticked off our 'To Do' list was getting tanks for the back of the truck made. Bernie is rapt with them. One is for fresh water and the other for grey. The washing machine in the shed will pump water straight from the fresh tank and deposit dirty water into the grey.  If we are parked up for some time, it'll mean we only need to move the truck (not the rig as well) to dump waste. 

The Skirt
Part of the solution to keep the dogs contained is having a skirt at the base of the rig. Once the fencing is placed beside the rig, there will be a large area and the skirt will stop the dogs from escaping underneath the rig.

The shed is shaping up nicely as our mobile laundry. We found the perfect size washing machine and a laundry tub to fit snugly beside the lock-up shelving unit. The washing machine and tub will be plumbed straight into the tanks behind the truck. The generator will power the washing machine. Bernie's been busy!

Exciting! We've gifted each other kayaks for Christmas. They're big enough for the dogs to climb aboard with us. Bernie will take Boo and I'll take Oakie. Paddy will enjoy/prefer swimming beside us (and hopefully it'll tire him out!). 
Not sure yet whether we will transport them using a roof rack on the light vehicle or tow a trailer holding the bikes and kayaks. A trailer seems ideal but it makes our whole set up rather large - especially if we are wanting to stay in a camping ground.

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