8 January 2017

Memories Jar

A jar of memories ... what an awesome idea.
Becs and Hamish gave us a jar. An empty jar and a letter.
The letter says ...

You are both about to embark on a very exciting adventure...
Every time you visit a beach that takes your breath away, gather up a handful of sand and pour it into this 'Memories jar'.
Ever time you stumble across a river bed that steals a little piece of your heart, collect a few of your favourite pebbles and scatter them upon the next layer of the jar.
Build your layers of memories across your first year on the road together - a capsule of trips, walks, experiences and of places you called home, if only for a moment on your journey ahead.
We can't wait to see it after a year.
All of our love
Becks & Hamish 

The first layer - is sand from Golden Bay.


  1. I love it and it sounds like you've had a wonderful holiday!from Sylvie (: (: (: (:

  2. Thanks Sylvie. Yes, we had a great time exploring Golden Bay. Hope you have been having a good holiday as well :-).


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