8 January 2017


Our Christmas present to each other were kayaks. We were itching for the weather to settle so we could use them. Eventually, the wind died down, so we strapped the kayaks onto the trailer to christen them on the Takaka River.

Boo went with Bernie and I had Oakly. Paddy was happy to swim along behind. We may have been dreaming by thinking the dogs would perch themselves on the kayaks and calmly watch the scenery float by.

Oakly was semi-settled but Boo was keen to jump into the river or onto my kayak. Eventually she leapt overboard - into the swiftest part! And off she went ... 

Not being strong enough to swim out of the current, Bernie quickly went to her rescue. Being a determined and somewhat stubborn wee dog she declined assistance and insisted on swimming to shore.

The riverbank consisted of fallen branches, which prevented Boo from climbing up the side. Bernie reached out to help her. He was waist deep when he tried to jump back into his kayak ... and....up tipped the kayak and over he went!

My laughter sounded much louder than I meant it to, as it echoed off the rocks! 


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