25 November 2017

Lake Opuha

Lake Opuha lies in the Fairlie Basin, at the head of the Opuha Gorge (in the MacKenzie district). It's about 12kms from Fairlie.

Lake Opuha is a man-made lake for for the purpose of irrigation. Water is stored from river flow during winter and spring and is released in summer for stock and irrigation. The lake also provides about 3000 homes with power. 

It’s also popular for fishing, boating and water sports. 

We were told about a nice freedom camping spot at the end of Hayes Road. There weren't too many rules, other than; 
  • You must park at least 20 metres from the lake.
  • You can stay a maximum of 3 nights.
  • You must be self-contained.

And dogs are allowed.

Such a lovely, peaceful spot to stay. We had a view of the lake from each window.

Looking out from the dining area.
After dinner, I took the dogs for a walk around the lake. This area was once used for camping however a few people abused the privilege so it's no longer available. But it's still a nice place to walk and people use it to launch their jet-skis.

We weren't completely alone - a nosey heron followed us, keeping an eye on what we were doing.

The next morning, I woke around 5:30 and noticed some amazing colours in the sky,  I grabbed my camera and Paddy and headed off to capture the start of the new day.

If you look to the right of the photo above you'll see a bus parked right on the lake's edge - what a view!.
And behind me were farm paddocks blanketed in mist.

These two little birds sat on the fence and watched the sunrise as well.
We spent the day relaxing and watching the comings and goings - people launching boats, jet-skiing and kayaking.

Paddy spent most of the time at the lake's edge looking longingly at us to throw something in the water for him to retrieve. We're hoping he'll get sick of waiting and take himself off for a swim.

Lake Opuha - another good place that we'll recommend to others.

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