1 November 2017

One Month On The Road

Today we've been on the road for a whole month. But it hardly even feels like a week. It's gone so fast. I love exploring new areas and finding places you didn't know existed. I love meeting other travellers and hearing their stories. And not feeling stressed about work is amazing. It's a fantastic lifestyle.
Before leaving, I thought I'd miss several things, such as having a long shower and my wee house in Annesbrook - but I don't. 
The thing I do miss is family. I really miss my Becs (ALOT) and I miss my parents. But, the good thing is they're just a phone call away.

I asked Bernie what he missed - and he answered

  • regular paychecks
  • extra long showers

Before we left, we did worry how the dogs would cope. Turns out, they love it and have been amazing. Most days they go for a long walk, all the new smells, and new places to explore leaves them tired at the end of the day.

Now I'm looking forward to see what the second month brings and where it takes us.

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